I want to go fast.

Why? Because it’s fun. Like many of you, I have memories growing up of trying to go as fast as possible on 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, dirt bike, snowmachines (that’s what we called them in Alaska), and then cars. Oh, cars my sweet obsession. To me, there is nothing more fun, and if you’re not having fun in life, you’re not living life.

I love all cars. There isn’t a genre of automobiles that I can’t appreciate. Having owned some really nice and expensive cars, however, I always come back to cars that I can beat on and not worry about. Today, this is what I spend most my time thinking about. Seriously.

I remember in high school watching every single Tiff Needell video I could possibly get my hands on and agonizing over the details of the latest Ferrari or Porsche or Lamborghini.  At this point in my life, I just don’t care about expensive cars like I used to. I couldn’t care less about the new Bugatti or the $200k someone just spent on their spec’d out GT3. I just don’t care if most people can’t enjoy it.

Therefore, I spend more time on AutoTempest, eBay Motors, and Craigslist than I’d like to admit, trying to figure out the best deals on cars that I can buy and have fun in. What’s the best entry level drift car? What’s the cheapest car I can buy for HPDE events or autox events. What’s the go-to entry level car for rallycross???? Might as well share the wealth, eh?

It is my belief that you don’t need to have a lot of money to have a cool car, nor to have fun in the said car. It is also much more financially responsible to buy cars that have nearly stopped depreciating or even started appreciating in value!

The purpose of this site is to help others find affordable, fun/cool/interesting/capable cars.

How this site works

All of the car listings on this site are hand picked by me. The categories of vehicles are just those that I am most interested in. I like going fast and having fun. This means road racing, autocrossing, and drifting. However, we all need vehicles for more practical applications as well like towing our race cars to the track! Or even just having a car that when you drive it, you enjoy it. If I think a car is a good buy and would consider buying the car myself, then I list it. It’s that simple.

My criteria are also pretty simple:

1. the car must have a clear title

2. must not have too many miles

3. must not have too much rust

4. in most cases, must also have a manual transmission.

How much does it cost?

If I choose to list your car it only costs $1 to list on the site. $15 if you want a featured article where I can post on Instagram as well.

At this time, we are only listing rear wheel and all wheel drive cars.

Thank you for your support and enjoy!


PS see below for a selection of the vehicles I’ve owned…


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